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A clinical decision framework to guide the outpatient treatment of emergency department patients diagnosed with acute pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis: Results from a multidisciplinary consensus panel.

Kabrhel C, Vinson DR, Rosovsky R, Mitchell AM, Chang AM, Hernandez-Nino J, Wolf SJ.

J Am Coll Emerg Physicians Open. 2021;2:e12588.

Challenges in managing isolated subsegmental pulmonary embolism.

Vinson DR, Isaacs DJ, Taye E, Balasubramanian MJ. 

Perm J. 2021;25:21.077.

Presented at the American Thoracic Society 2021 Virtual Conference, May 2021.

Computed tomography use in children with minor blunt head trauma presenting to 21 community emergency departments within an integrated health care system.

Shan J, Warton EM, Reed ME, Vinson DR, Kuppermann N, Dayan P, Dalziel S, Rauchwerger AS, Ballard DW.

Perm J. 2021;25:21.096.

Emergency Medical Service utilization and response following COVID-19 emergency and stay-at-home policies: an interrupted time-series analysis.

O'Connor AW, Hannah HA, Burnor EA, Fukutaki KG, Peterson T, Ballard DW, Ereman RR, Willis MD, Augusto OJ, Wagenaar BH

Cureus. 2021;13(11): e19794.

Echocardiography for risk stratification in patients with pulmonary embolism at low risk of death: a response (to Arrigo M, et al. RV assessment in PE: low risk = low yield for systematic echo).

Maraziti G, Vinson DR, Becattini C.

Eur Heart J. 2021;ehab779.

Graded coronary risk stratification for ED patients with chest pain: a controlled cohort study.

Mark DG, Huang J, Ballard DW, Kene MV, Sax DR, Chettipally UK, Lin JS, Bouvet SC, Cotton DC, Anderson MC, McLachlan ID, Simon LE, Shan J, Rauchwerger AS, Vinson DR, Reed ME.

J Am Heart Assoc. 2021;10:e022539.

Medically Clear: Even the ED may have room for recordings.

Ballard D.

Emerg Med News. 2021;43(11):30.

Identifying bias in the emergency department: a retrospective study of the relationship between race/ethnicity and initiation of physical restraints.

Walia H, Manickam RN, Kene MV, Sharp A, Berdahl C, Hirschtritt ME.

Am Pub Health Assoc. 2021 Oct 21.

Presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CA, October 2021.

Incidence of and patient characteristics associated with potential delays in diagnosis of spinal epidural abscess.

Maciey S, Anderson M, Bouvet S, Hoffman E, Durant E, Ghiya M, Kene M.

Ann Emerg Med. 2021;78(4S):S115-116 [abstract 283].

Adult suicide-related emergency department encounters during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study.

Ridout KK, Alavi M, Ridout SJ, Koshy MT, Awsare S, Harris B, Vinson DR, Weisner CM, Sterling S, Iturralde E.

Lancet Reg Health Am. 2021;4:100078.

Emergency department encounters among youth with suicidal thoughts or behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ridout KK, Alavi M, Ridout SJ, Koshy MT, Awsare S, Harris B, Vinson DR, Weisner CM, Sterling S, Iturralde E.

JAMA Psychiatry. 2021;78(12):1319-1328.

Clinical characteristics of COVID-19 patients evaluated in the emergency department: a retrospective cohort study of 801 cases.

Cotton DM, Liu L, Vinson DR, Ballard DW, Sax DR, Hofmann ER, Lin JS, Durant EJ, Kene MV, Casey SD, Ghiya M, Shan J, Bouvet SC, McLachlan ID, Rauchwerger AS, Mark DG, Reed ME for the Clinical Research on Emergency Services and Treatment (CREST) Network.

J Am Coll Emerg Physicians Open2021;2:e12538.

Presented at the American College of Emergency Physicians Research Forum, August 2021

American College of Emergency Physicians Expert Panel on Low-Risk Pulmonary Embolism and Low-Risk Deep Vein Thrombosis. Point of Care Tools (August 2021).

Kabrhel C, Chang AM, Hernandez-Nino J, Mitchell AM, Rosovsky R, Vinson DR, Wolf SJ.

ACEP. 2021.

ACEP Description: “We've recruited the field's top experts and thought-leaders to develop tools our members can trust and deploy in the clinical setting. The evidence-based, clinical content provided in these tools ensures that you are providing the best possible care to the patients in your emergency department.”

“Outpatient Management” of Pulmonary Embolism Defined in the Primary Literature: A Narrative Review.
Shan J, Isaacs D, Bath H, Johnson E, Julien D, Vinson D.
Perm J. 2021;25:20.233.
A 19-year-old woman with a history of depression and fatal cardiorespiratory failure following an overdose of prescribed bupropion.
Sathe AR, Thiemann A, Toulouie S, Durant E.
Am J Case Rep. 2021;22:e931783.
Medically Clear: Patients and physicians on the same page.
Ballard D, Vinson D.
Emerg Med News. 2021;43(8):14.

Medically Clear: Get ready for the final (post) COVID wave.

Ballard D.

Emerg Med News. 2021;43(7):10.

Predictors of acute atrial fibrillation and flutter hospitalization across 7 U.S. emergency departments: a prospective study. 

Kea B, Warton EM, Ballard DW, Mark DG, Reed ME, Rauchwerger AS, Offerman SR, Chettipally UK, Ramos PC, Le DD, Glaser DS, Vinson DR. 

J Atrial Fib. 2021;13(5):2355.

Right ventricle assessment in patients with pulmonary embolism at low-risk for death based on clinical models. An individual patient data meta-analysis.

Becattini C, Maraziti G, Vinson DR, Ng ACC, den Exter PL, Côté B, Vanni S, Doukky R,  Khemasuwan D, Weekes AJ, Soares TH, Ozsu S, Polo Friz H, Erol S, Agnelli G, Jiménez D. 

Eur Heart J. 2021;42(33):3190-3199.

Comprehensive management of acute pulmonary embolism in primary care using telemedicine in the COVID-era.

Chang JC, Isaacs DJ, Leung J, Vinson DR. 

BMJ Case Rep. 2021;14:e243083.

Presented at the American Thoracic Society 2021 Virtual Conference, May 2021.

Lumbar puncture and clinical outcomes in febrile infants 29-60 days of age evaluated at community emergency departments.
Van Winkle P, Lee S, Chen Q, Baecker A, Ballard D, Greenhow T, Nguyen T, Young B, Shan J, Vinson D, Musigdilok V, Park S, Sharp A. 
J Hosp Med. 2021 May 26: abstract 148 [Epub].
Outcomes among acute heart failure emergency department patients by preserved vs. reduced ejection fraction.

Sax DR, Rana JS, Mark DG, Huang J, Collins SP, Liu D, Storrow AB, Reed ME.

ESC Heart Fail. 2021;8(4):2889-2898.

Presented at American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session, Chicago, IL, 2020.

Potential accuracy of prehospital NIHSS-based triage for selection of candidates for acute endovascular stroke therapy. 

Klingman JG, Alexander JG, Vinson DR, Klingman LE, Nguyen-Huynh MN.

J Am Coll Emerg Physicians Open. 2021;2(3):e12441.

Incidence of 30-day venous thromboembolism in adults tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection in an integrated health care system.
Roubinian NH, Dusendang JR, Mark DG, Vinson DR, Liu VX, Schmittdiel JA, Pai AP. 
JAMA Intern Med. 2021;181(7):997-1000.
Acute kidney injury after CT in emergency department patients with chronic kidney disease: a propensity score-matched analysis.
Kene MV, Arasu VA, Mahapatra AK, Huang J, Reed ME.
West J Emerg Med. 2021;22(3):614-622
Prospective validation and comparative analysis of coronary risk stratification strategies among emergency department chest pain patients.

Mark DG, Huang J, Kene MV, Sax DR, Cotton DM, Lin JS, Bouvet SC, Chettipally UK, Anderson ML, McLachlan ID, Simon LE, Shan J, Rauchwerger AS, Vinson DR, Ballard DW, Reed ME. 

J Am Heart Assoc. 2021;10(7):e020082.

Third-generation cephalosporin-resistance and associated discordant antibiotic treatment in emergency department febrile urinary tract infections.

Mark DG, Hung YY, Salim Z, Tarlton NJ, Torres E, Frazee BW. 

Ann Emerg Med. 2021;78(3):357-369.

Development of an ensemble machine learning prognostic model to predict 60-day risk of major adverse cardiac events in adults with chest pain. 

Kennedy CK, Mark DG, Huang J, Van Der Laan MJ, Hubbard AE, Reed ME. 

Preprint published Mar 8, 2021 on medRxiv:

Imaging in suspected ureteral colic: creating new decision rules based on multispecialty consensus.

Durant EJ, Vinson DR. 

Am J Emerg Med. 2021;47:13-16.

Should people be able to choose which vaccine they receive? The ethical and practical case for offering the public a choice of vaccines.

Ballard DW.

Psychology Today Blog. 2021 Feb 26. 

Long-haul COVID: A contested illness is born.

Ballard DW. 

Emerg Med News. 2021;43(3):1,5.

Effect of clinical decision support on diagnostic imaging for pediatric appendicitis: A cluster randomized trial.

Kharbanda AB, Vazquez-Benitez G, Ballard DW, Vinson DR, Chettipally UK, Dehmer SP, Ekstrom H, Rauchwerger AS, McMichael B, Cotton DM, Kene MV, Simon LE, Zhu J, Warton EM, O’Connor PJ, Kharbanda EO. 

JAMA Netw Open. 2021;4(2):e2036344.

Effect of using an age-adjusted d-dimer to assess for pulmonary embolism in community emergency departments.
Ghobadi A, Lin B, Musigdilok VV, Park SJ, Palmer-Toy DE, Gould MK, Vinson DR, Hutchison DM, Sharp AL.
Acad Emerg Med. 2021;28(1):60-69.


Overcoming barriers to outpatient management of emergency department patients with acute pulmonary embolism.

Vinson DR, Ballard DW, Mark DG.

Acad Emerg Med. 2021;28(3):377-378.

Use of machine learning to develop a risk stratification tool for emergency department patients with acute heart failure.

Sax DR, Mark DG, Huang J, Sofrygin OX, Rana JS, Collins SP, Storrow AB, Liu D, Reed ME.

Ann Emerg Med. 2021;77(2):237-248.

Expert Reviewers
CREST researchers have acted as peer reviewers for many clinical journals, including:
Academic Emergency Medicine,The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, American Journal of Managed Care, Annals of Internal Medicine, BMJ, Circulation, The Cochrane Collaboration, Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, Health Affairs, Journal of the American Medical Association, The Journal of Emergency Medicine, Journal of General Internal Medicine, Journal of Medical Toxicology, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, Medical Care MedEdPORTAL, New England Journal of Medicine, Stroke
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